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The history of "2LOOSE"

 It all started a cold and rainy winter day in 1995... I stole this introduction directly from some tabloid, but anyway: In the beginning we were only two; my study-mate Mads Christensen and I. We realized that life as an engineering student could be rather boring from time to time, if you don't have other interests than the studies, and since we both used to play in different bands in the gymnasium we decided to form a new band. At first we called it "Mads and Mads" - we thought it was very original (for some weird reason people didn't really 'catch' the beauty of this name). For a short period of time we were even three persons with the name Mads so Mads, Mads & Mads could have been our name (he he). This name stuck for about two years (I guess nobody playing in the band really cared much about the name since we rarely (never in fact) put it on posters...).

 Mads Christensen - Our original frontfigure!

We started playing covers of bands like The Smashing Pumpkin's, Tool, Nirvana and Live, but soon we started to create our own music and lyrics to get new challenges. Mads C. played the guitar and was the vocalist, and I played the drums. We had a couple of  bass- and guitar players - some not as serious as we liked and some far to ambitious (one of the guitar players even offered to be our manager for a modest percentage of the profit), but in the spring of 1997 we found a permanent bass player - Kristian Toft Knudsen - also an engineering student (now graduate engineer), but with specialty in signal processing (Zzzz). Kristian introduced the Indy/lo-fi sound with heavy distorted bass to the band.

Just a few week's later lead guitar player Ewan Andreasen, who studied as a librarian (currently he's making a university study on top of his librarian education), joined the band. It was nice to have someone in the band who didn't think in engineering cycles all the time.

In 1998 Mads C. left the band partially in favor of a »promising career« as volleyball coach and -referee, and furthermore he felt that the engineering study was to time-demanding to play in a band (now he's a successful graduate engineer employed in the research division of MAN B&W in Copenhagen) . 

Nevertheless the rest of us kept on playing. I had been playing guitar for some years, composing music for the band occasionally, and thought that it would be nice to try something else than the drums, so I started playing guitar in the band. In the beginning I had a western guitar with a primitive (read: Lousy) pickup, so later I bought a Fender Stratocaster and a multi guitar-effect. It was about this time the name "2LOOSE" emerged. 

Actually it was Kristian's idea. The name should be read like »too loose« (we all temporarily suffered from a weird "two" vs. "too"-word-blindness). Some people misinterpret the name as »to lose« - like if it had something to do with »losers« (?why?!). I've even heard people (from Denmark), who interpreted it rather misplaced as redemption (?don't ask me how this is possible, maybe they translated our name into the Danish "for løst" (which is actually correct), and then wrote it in one word as "forløst" which means something a bit like "redemption" in Danish?), or as the name of the french city »Toulouse«, but c'est la vie as les grenouilles say (il est difficile de contenter tout le monde. C'est quelque chose à quoi je pense souvent - je n'ai rien d'autre à dire!). I think the name is all right, 'cause it tells everything about our very non-ambitious way of creating/performing music, still having lots of fun, and we even get some very amusing questions sometimes :)

Early 1999 the band had two new members: Morten Bech on the drums, and Ivan Bøgh as vocalist. Both studied as Liberians like Ewan, so suddenly engineers was a minority in the band! Almost instantaneously after Morten and Ivan joined we performed live at "Huset" in Aalborg (our first real live-job, we really practiced hard!). Ivan Bøgh left the band again in august 1999, because he felt he had to study a bit harder... (On n'a pas encore rèsolu ce prolème...).

When Morten had finished his librarian education he had to move south and couldn't play with the band anymore... He's still missed... Since then we just try to play together a little now and then when we have time :)

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