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Nielsen's Planteskole, Holsted

The family business - the nursery of my parents!

Kristian Pagh Nielsen (Work)
/ (Private)

Here you can read my younger brother Kristian's master assignment describing the very complicated phenomenon happening in the atmosphere above ten kilometers altitude and how they influence the global climate. He had an A for the assignment so better believe what he's writing - it's very impressive work! Currently he is doing a Ph.D. study at the Physical Institute at the University of Bergen in Norway.

Frederik Pagh Nielsen (Personal Home Page)

My younger brother Frederik's homepage. The page is in Danish. His band is quite good I think.

Julius Madsen

The Homepage of my cousin Julius - check it out - it looks quite cool :-)


Kristian Toft Knudsen

Kristian is now very busy with his new job as development chief at Tinglev Elementfabrik.Besides that he used to be the best bass-player in Aalborg but he of course had to move :-( I miss him a lot! "Kristian's Web World" contains lots of links to some great bands and has some MP3's with recordings from Kristian's old band. It's a good page though it isn't updated that frequently ;). The html-work is  impressive but Kristian is also a true internet nerd *lol*. Also you can find photos from our trip to Romania in 2000 where our good friends Ewan and Alina were married.

Ewan Andreasen

The greatest guitar player I know in person! Wish I could play like him :-) Ewan is in addition one of the most open and nice persons I know! He wrote a very interesting Master Thesis if you're a little interested in photos and web related things (I personally find it extremely interesting to learn about indexing)! It is currently being translated into English and he will soon be finished! Great work man! You can read it online by following the above link!


Various pages about Fuel Cells:

Hydrogen, fuel cell and renewable energy links  Fuel Cell links  |  Fuel Cell link page
Fuelcells.org (here you can find The Fuel Cell Handbook in PDF-format).

On these pages you'll find many useful links to fuel cell related sites and organizations.


The University Library of Aalborg

If you're student or employee on Aalborg University you have access to loads of great article databases! On this page you'll find links to these and if you access them from an IP-address from a location on the University you have free access to download articles etc. in PDF-format. For technical and thermodynamic purposes I can recommend the specific database 'DADS'.

For general search purposes I can strongly recommend databases like 'Web Of Science'. This search base interconnects various other bases, online magazines and journals and it's strength is the possibility for citation searches. Citation search makes it possible to see how often an article has been cited after it was published. This makes it easier to see which articles are basic key-articles on a subject, and furthermore it makes it possible to make reverse time searches which makes it straightforward to find state-of-the-art articles on the subject.


One of the major spider based web search engines and in fact the only one you will ever need! The search parameters are quite simple and there's not many options for advanced detailed searches compared to other engines. However Google often produces good search results, and for full-text-document searches the engines ability to mark sites with PDF's is very useful.

Aalborg University, Institute of Energy Technology

My personal homepage at IET

Information about our FACE (Fluids And Combustion Engineering) international master education can be found here.


Delphi (My Preferred Programming Language):

Richey's Delphi Box 
Delphi Archives

Some great pages containing everything you'd ever need to know about how to do things in my preferred programming language DELPHI. Richey's Delphi Box also contains a great section with smiley's and emotions for chat use  I've found very useful as a newcomer in this web-nerd-world. Though I wished that more people would start using verbs in their sentences, I've finally reached a point where I've acknowledged  that you're lost without understanding all these weird abbreviations and incomprehensible signs ;-)

Finn's Delphi Corner (At Danish-Shareware.dk)

Very nice page about Delphi and other programming languages. Gives a good description of Delphi versus other languages. Also gives links to several excellent FREE programming languages here!

General Windows Stuff:

Windows Registry Guide 
Speed Guide  |  Hjælp Windows NT driller! (Danish)

If you like me like to tamper with the Windows Registry and Tweaking or have general problems making your operating system behave as you'd like it to, the above pages can serve you with help and useful tips.

Mathematics, Algorithms and Software:

Numerical Recipes

Contains this useful book in PDF- and PostScript format - now available for free from the official site! Some of the algorithms are a quite outdated and are not fully optimized but for most purposes the described algorithms are stabile and very useful. Buy the book! It's  available in various other programming languages. Unfortunately there doesn't exist a Delphi version and the Pascal adaptation isn't available at present. However you can download all the algorithms pre-programmed here in Turbo Pascal format. It's easy to adapt these algorithms to DELPHI.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Algorithms

Various more or less undocumented Algorithms suited for general programming use (PDF's). Many are outdated and should ideally have been replaced by more efficient ones. The algorithms are written in different programming languages and some even  in old-fashioned stuff like ALGOL.


F-Chart Software

The publisher of the thermodynamic equation solver EES (Engineering Equation Solver) developed and constantly updated by Professor Sanford A. Klein from University of Wisconsin. Here it's possible to download updated manuals in PDF format etc. If you're often doing thermodynamic calculations this is an excellent and extremely useful program! EES has a comprehensive database of thermodynamic, calorimetric and physical properties.  It's strengths are the stability and flexibility, which makes it possible to use the calculations from EES with spreadsheets and interface with external software. The only drawbacks are the lack of speed if continuous calculations are required interfacing with external software. EES doesn't contain pre-fabricated component models and everything has to be built from scratch when used for modeling purposes.  Purchase it if you don't have access to a license already via an Educational Institution. It's surprisingly inexpensive in comparison to other similar tools.


A good resource to various shareware-, freeware and trial software.


Get rid of most of your junk mails once and for all with this great utility! It is a must and it works!! Check it out...


This one should be pretty obvious too. Has a few nasty bugs but fundamentally it does a good job of removing those annoying AdWare/SpyWare programs often attached with loads of shareware programs that take up your valuable system resources!



Everything you need to know about homepage creation and more! Both beginners and more advanced users can get many good ideas from this site. Very how-to-do oriented and well suited for impatient persons who doesn't want to read numerous books to find out how to create the HTML-source to make some particular effect.



A great homepage containing all the information you could ever dream of about my favorite guitar player Juliana Hatfield! The page was initiated by Jeff Schneider who did an excellent job providing all information possible about this great musician for years! Jeff has retired updating the page but has handed over the job to his friend Mikey McCarter (formerly running another great JH-page at http://www.dyingproof.com initiating the "Release God's Foot" campaign) but is still an inexhaustible source of information and interesting facts for fans.

Also, become a member of the Yahoo! group "attached" to the homepage called "this is the sound" and join a great online fan-community by following the link below:

Click here to subscribe to "thisisthesound"

It's absolutely free to join the group! Being a member offers the possibility to discuss any Juliana Hatfield related subjects with other fans either via the message board or the built in chat and hear about her touring, new albums, concert reviews, download MP3-samples of live performances etc.

The group is moderated by Danny Patterson who is a very nice guy doing a great job :-) Also he was the man behind the Juliana Hatfield Tribute album created by musical fans last year. Get it if you don't have it already - great stuff!

Please write me on godsfoot@hotmail.com if you're generally interested in having/sharing live recordings with Juliana Hatfield! Don't ever buy live recordings on for instance Ebay!! There's quite a number of people who share their live bootlegs for free! Visit julianasite.com! Many samples in real audio-/mp3- format are already available here!

BlakeBabies.com / SomeGirls.com

Two excellent pages done by Stacee Sledge who puts a tremendous effort into keeping everybody up-to-date!

Only Everything

Another Juliana Hatfield homepage run by Carsten - one of my few Danish fellow Juliana Hatfield fans. A very nice page describing the live concerts he has experienced including the only Danish appearance at "Loppen" in Copenhagen. Also he now host the great "Touragraphy" database originally made by Jeff Schneider and formerly hosted by Julianasite.

Topher's Juliana Hatfield Lyrics Database

Very comprehensive JH lyrics database.

AMG All music guide

Did you ever wonder if there was a resource where you could find all the known and unknown releases of your favorite band? Here it is!! AMG provides a great database with most existing bands. The albums, EP's, singles and special editions are rated by the users so you can get an indication of the quality of a certain piece of work by the artist.

The Covers Project

Ever wondered who covered a certain song? Here is a good place to start looking.

Guitar Nuts

Everyone who has even expensive guitars like original Fender's and Gibson's often experience problems with humming because the guitar haven't been shielded and wired the right way from the factory. This page explains how to do it yourself and make your instrument significantly better. Some of the tips are advanced and you might have to get help from people with some skills building  electrical circuits, but all the tricks are fairly low cost and can  make cheap- and even expensive guitars sound much better.


If you like me constantly love to discover new bands this is a good place to start looking. Amateurs and professionals can upload and promote their music to the world through this service. Promotional MP3's can be downloaded directly.


Very nice site similar to mp3.com with excellent works made by garagebands (if you look very well you can find a few songs written by me too here but you have to look good (he he) *lol* ;-)


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