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Music has always been my major hobby... I've played keyboards, drums and guitar in various bands and at present I'm working on my bass technique. I used to  play guitar in a local noise rock band called "2LOOSE". Unfortunately, our bass player, Kristian,  moved 300km away (he's now the technical director of a big company), so we are practicing even less than we used to do now!

However, here we are in action!

Kristian & Ewan in a "home-session"  My gear...  Favourite Westerns  Musical mess...

Alina with Ewan's Guitar  Can I have some Bass!  Ewan during Rehearsal  Ewan during another Rehearsal

Bass strings are delicious!  Kristian, Ewan & Morten  Kristian attacking the Bass  Me drumming

    Reheasal!  Ewan on a live-job...  Live!  Live!

Read the history of 2LOOSE!

Here's a song recorded by me and with me brrr. (my canary "Pjuske" is performing the backing vocals making it sound more decent!):


Here is a home-demo of a song I made back in 1997 (a very rare initial version intended for the band). My singing and guitar playing is rather horrible and there is lots of tape-hiss from my already then quite old 4-track recorder but it is a quite nice song though this version lacks lyrics, drums and bass.

meanttobe.mp3 / guitar tab


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