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Publicized and Future Scientific Papers

F.K. Iversen, M.P. Nielsen, A.B. Nielsen, J. Grue, J. Andersen and I. Bach; "Optimum operation in CHP-system - using mathematical programming and Heuristic rules" AES-Vol.40; Proceedings of the 2000 IMCE ASME Congress and Exposition; Orlando, Florida; 2000.

M.P. Nielsen, M. Bang and I. Bach; "Thermodynamic Fuel Cell Systems";
Proceedings of the SIMS Conference; Porsgrunn, Norway; 2001.

J. Andersen and M.P. Nielsen and M. Bang; "Evaluation of a combined PEM fuel cell and absorption air-conditioning system"; Proceedings of the International Sorption Heat Pump Conference; Shanghai, Jiao Tong University, Beijing, China; 2002.

M.P. Nielsen; "Modelling a Steam Reformer For a Fuel Cell System".  Published internally at Aalborg University in "Ph.D. Papers in Technology and Science", which contains selected papers from the Ph.D. course "Writing and Reviewing Scientific Papers"; 2002. (I can highly recommend this course for newly started Ph.D. students).

M.P. Nielsen and S.K. Kær (supervisor); "Modelling a PEM Fuel Cell Natural Gas Reforming System"; Accepted for proceedings and presentation at the ECOS conference; DTU, Copenhagen; 2003.

M.P. Nielsen, G. Kraaij and P.F.v.d. Oosterkamp; "A Transient 2D-Model of a Natural Gas Steam Reformer"; Accepted for proceedings and poster presentation at the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2003 Conference and Trade Show; Vancouver, BC, Canada; 2003.

Presentations, Posters & Reports

Fuel cell Presensentation (16.4MB PPT of Ingeniørforenings-Lecture)

Fuel Cell Poster (Commercial Poster for our institute! See more here!)

EMSD-10 M.Sc. Project About Fuel Cells (Abstract & 15MB PDF)

Hydrogen Production From Carbohydrates (23MB  PDF. Messy Draft Notes...)

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